Box of 5x Brooders - Chickplate - 62 watt - 15% off

These are a great new type of brooder which can be used for all types of poultry chicks ie. quail, chickens, ducklings etc - innovative design developed in Holland

  • Simulates the natural heating from the mother hen - for healthier, happier chicks
  • Only the surface of the under side of the heating plate is warm.
  • Simple to use height adjustable legs that can be adjusted from 5cms up to 15 cm (from ground to underside of plate)
  • Very low energy costs due to high insulation - save up to 75% on electricity costs in comparison with a ceramic heat lamp
  • Double safety system by temperature fuse & resistance fuse

Suitable for up to 55 chicks.

Size 60cms x 40cms.


  • Please note it is a good idea to cover the top with contact or similar to protect the top of the brooder

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