Electric netting

High quality European made electric netting. This netting is designed to last in harsh conditions so it won't be useless after 6 months like a lot of the chinese stuff on the market.

Poultry Thundernet EF-PNET
Poultry Electrified Netting
Set up and connect in 10 minutes
  • Length 50m
  • 12 horizontal wires
  • Height 112 cm
  • 14 tread in posts with double prong feet
  • Strengthened top strand with high conductive tinned copper wires
  • Bottom wire is not electrified
  • Can be connected/added to more nets
  • Suitable for hens, geese, turkeys

Ideal for free range poultry. Protect your gardens. Effective against foxes, dogs and goannas. 


Connect with a 2.5km energizer or for multiple rolls use a larger energizer.

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