Enviro Bug Control - New Silent Solar Snake Repellers - 2 Pack

Keep Your Family and Pets Safe This Season With the NEW 2018 Twin Pack Solar Powered Variable Frequency Weather Resistant Solar Snake Repeller.
You really need to have the best, strongest, most effective,
reliable Snake Repeller available. There is no other Repeller on the
market that will give you the same level of protection!
Repels snakes up to 40m diameter!
It’s the Vibe of the Thing – Envirobug Snake Repellers Explained Simply
Variable frequencies are crucially important in preventing snakes from acclimatising and potentially ignoring constant single pitch vibrations. The solar powered repellers emit dual variable frequency vibrations that mimic those made by heavy-footed animals.

Snakes are inherently deaf and rely on their acute nervous system sensitivity to identify and interpret these vibrations. If sensing potential danger, they will abandon the protected area. As well
as a flashing LED visible through the translucent top cover, the sound of the ultra-sonic buzzer also alerts you that they are operating.

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