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Self setting mouse trap!

Self setting mouse trap!

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Will catch mice of all sizes. Unlike the counter weight (our previous design) or magnetic plank traps commonly available on eBay, no adjustments are required to accommodate the various weight of mice. This new design trap operates on a trigger system eliminating guess work. No counter weight balancing, no magnet adjustments, no batteries, no power supply.
How it works
The top plank is fixed in a stable horizontal position until the bottom trigger plank is released. This allows the mouse to travel the full length of the top stable plank without any movement or tipping. The mouse then ventures onto the baited trigger plank activating the trigger and tipping both the top stable plank and the bottom trigger plank. One step on the trigger plank is all it takes, as little as 5 grams. Stepping on the trigger plank is the point of no return, the mouse is already past the hinge point and the tipping action is instant.
Self resetting to catch multiple mice.
The mouse drops into the bucket then the trap resets to catch the next mouse.
Fits standard 9 litre buckets or 20 litre pails commonly available from Bunnings.
Peanut butter as bait. Non toxic, no blood, no touch.
Add a small amount of water to catch and release, add a large amount of water to drown and kill.
Setting the Trap
Smear the bait on the slots at the end of the plank. We have cut slots at the end of the plank to avoid the mouse taking all the bait with him as he slides down the plank. Peanut butter is sticky and very effective. You will require some sort of ramp in addition to the Planky B trap. Anything that is non slippery will suffice eg a tree stick, piece of wood, etc. Something flat is ideal. Place the ramp in a position that will not interfere with the tipping mechanism yet allow access to the trap. Smearing trace amounts of Peanut Butter on the ramp itself will entice the mice up the ramp.
Tried and Proven
This new design trap has been extensively tested on our farm in Brookton, Western Australia catching multiple mice nightly.
I challenge anyone to create a better designed self resetting plank trap at this low price.
MDF sides and rear, acrylic planks.
Assembly required.

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