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Novital - Covatutto Digital Automatic incubator - 162

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We are excited to have the Digital automatic COVATUTTO 162 incubator to our range!!

It is equipped with a plastic case that is very hard wearing, with excellent thermal-insulating properties. The door has the same features of the case and is transparent, thus it offers a clear view of what is happening inside the incubator for the entire duration of the incubation cycle, up to the time of chick hatching. This incubator is equipped with three specific egg trays, which are suitable to contain eggs of all species; it is equipped with a fully automatic turning system.

Two electric heating elements allow a quick heating inside the machine, also in case of possible sudden and occasional temperature reduction within the surrounding premises. The important action of the two fans that are installed in the upper and lower parts of the machine respectively, assures uniform internal temperature and humidity, thus improving the change of air. Humidity is created by the water that is contained in the specific pans.

The model COVATUTTO 162 is a great small cabinet model to take your hatching production to the next level!!.


Heating: resistor 60w + 140w + 2 fans

Thermometer: digital-type with temperature control by species

Materials: non-toxic plastic

Features: three trays for incubation and hatching, backlit display with 3 functions: display of days before hatching, water refill, egg turning display

Humidity: 2 water pans supplied in the standard equipment

Egg turning device: 3 automatic egg turning devices supplied in the standard equipment

- dimensions (cm): 54,5x45x54h

- weight: 15,800 KG
- package dimensions: 59x51x61h
- package weight: 17,800 KG

- Approximate capacity: 144-162 (chicken) 420 (quail) - see capacity table in images

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