Comfortplast - quail layer cage - single

We finally have the comfortplast quail cages available!
Fully equipped quail cage comes with everything you need to house your quail flock.
  • Capacity of up to 12 quails.
  • World's first patented design.
  • Improved door lock system.
  • Made of high quality plastic, very durable.
  • With elliptical and flexible base design, fertilization rate is very high and egg fracture rate is very low.
  • 1 day feeding in quail cage with high capacity plastic feeder.
  • Zero feed loss with feed grill.
  • Plastic waste pan.
  • Filtered water tank, special black silicone hose to prevent algae.
  • Water system with nipple drinker, automatic irrigation system to prevent wet birds.
  • Adhesive-free, clamp-free irrigation installation.
  • Flat packed for ease of postage.
  • Easy and fun installation with cage instruction guide.

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