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Nest-O-Matic modular nestbox

Nest-O-Matic modular nestbox

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Stop your chooks and other pests eating the eggs before you collect them!!

The Nestomatic is a beautifully designed laying nest which offers poultry a comfortable and sheltered place to lay their eggs. The laying nest is easy to clean, since there are few seams in the construction. The slightly tilted nest mat replaces the traditional litter and makes sure the eggs roll into the sump tray undamaged. Dirty or pecked eggs are settled for good, because the animals cannot get to the eggs anymore. On a daily basis you open the lid and grab some ready-to-eat fresh eggs. The heavy-duty galvanized sheet material and the UV-resistant strong ABS-plastic make sure this Nestomatic offers years of good use.


  • Polyethyleen nest mat; immune to harmful bacteria, keeps eggs clean & is removable
  • Precisely adjustable angle of inclination for the nest mat, all types of eggs will remain intact
  • Long lifespan due to strong 1mm thick zinc metal sheet 
  • UV-resistant ABS plastic
  • Easy to connect multiple laying nests - connectors come with each nest so you can easily bolt these together to form a bank of nests
  • Each nest is suitable for up to 5 hens

Assembled nest size: 

48cm L x31cm W x42cm H

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