1520 Digital "Sportsman" Incubator

The Digital Sportsman has an accurate digital thermostat with LCD display of temperature and humidity.

Electronic egg turning control. It has three automatic turning trays plus a hatching box in the bottom.

Constructed from high strength plastic board means its well insulated, quieter and easier to clean.

The Sportsman Incubator will hold:

1368 Quail eggs

270 Chicken eggs

354 Pheasant eggs

162 Turkey or Duck eggs

The Sportsman Incubator includes:

Digital command centre thermostat

3 Turning racks

1 Plastic hatching tray

1 Moisture pan with 2 Humidity pads

Instruction booklet.

Plastic Egg trays x 6 - to your choice - universal, quail, pheasant, extra large.

Emu/Goose Egg Trays are available - please call us.