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GQF Manufacturing Company Inc. originated in 1957 as Georgia Quail Farm in Savannah, Ga.  At that time the company was producing live birds for hunting preserves.  In order to streamline production of birds, GQF developed its own system of laying cages and equipment.  This unique method of production was offered to the small breeder a few years later through mail order and eventually through feed and farm supply stores. In 1970 Georgia Quail Farm became G.Q.F. Manufacturing Company Inc.

Having a working farm to perfect equipment design has allowed GQF Manufacturing to produce low cost quality equipment that the small bird breeder can use.  In the mid 1960's GQF invented and produced the Hova-Bator incubator.  Foam plastic construction provides excellent insulation, low wattage heat and the lowest cost ever in thermostat controlled incubators. 

It is estimated that over 1 million Hova-Bator incubators have been sold world wide!

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We are official Australian distributors of GQF incubators from the USA. We are the exclusive sellers of the GQF Sportsman Incubators & the famous Hova-Bator, the world's best small incubator.
Brookfield Poultry Equipment is a registered ESS & ERAC responsible supplier. All our incubators & brooders have been tested, re-wired & certified for use in Australia.