Classroom hatching kit - mini

This mini hatching kit contains everything needed for a full hatch right through to raising the chicks.

Once eggs are set they can then be watched and the countdown begins for your very own classroom hatch!

After hatch the mini cage can be quickly and easily set up including the chickplate to keep the new chickens warm.

Feed & water dishes are also supplied along with sawdust and chick starter.

So what's in the box? - everything but the eggs!!

  • Lumia 8 automatic incubator 
  • 15w Chickplate
  • Mini chick cage - 54cm x 38cm x 26cm (approx)
  • Drinker & feeding dish
  • A guide to better hatching - book
  • Bag of sawdust
  • Bag of chick starter crumbles.


  • please note the mini kit is perfect for a small hatch of chicken or duck eggs (3-5) or around 12 quail chicks.


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