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Cosmo 72 MINILCD egg incubator

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Product description

Cosmo 72 MINILCD egg incubator

  • Cosmo fully represents the new frontier of incubation presenting itself as a device studied in every detail in order to achieve excellence in performance associated with a unique and exclusive design.
  • The result of the experience that FIEM, in years of devoted research and in-depth studies on incubation techniques, has matured and applied in the field.
  • Cosmo is a unique product, an absolute novelty in the incubator market, a trademark patented by FIEM, the only company in the market able to provide tailor-made solutions based on the needs of its customers, quality and long-lasting machines.
  • And this is precisely the strength of Cosmo: the extreme quality of the manufacturing materials, which thanks to the use of high quality plastic compounds and the complex and articulated ribbing, give rigidity and compactness to the machine.

Description of multifunction MINILCD control unit:

  • Temperature visualization and control with 3-digit display
  • Humidity display + possible control via connection to external ultrasonic nebulizer available as an additional option
  • ° C / ° F conversion
  • Choice of PID / ON-OFF temperature control mode
  • Possibility of digital calibration of temperature and humidity sensors
  • Double temperature and humidity sensor


  • The sensors that detect humidity and temperature inside the machine are totally separated and disjointed in order to achieve maximum accuracy and reliability of the reading.


  • The automatic turning of the eggs is carried out by means of a special mechanism which, thanks to a slow and constant automated movement, favors a correct formation of the embryo, inhibiting harmful adherence of the same on the walls of the egg.
  • The new professional and multipurpose egg turning grid with adjustable inserts is specifically designed for the incubation of eggs of the most disparate sizes thanks to the adjustable and removable segments.


  • Hen - Duck - Mallard = 70-72
  • Pheasant = 96-104
  • Red partridge = 112-120
  • Gray Partridge - Quail = 150-180
  • Turkey = 62-64
  • Goose = 30-36


  • Whole cycle = 21 days 
  • Incubation = 18-19 days
  • Hatch = 2 days


  • The natural surface humidification takes place through special modular trays incorporated in the lower valve of the machine with a practical external filling system.


  • Temperature display on precision thermometer in ° F


  • The mixing and diffusion of heat takes place through a special silent and reliable fan which, thanks also to the aerodynamic line of the upper valve of the machine, guarantees high incubation performance.

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