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MG140 / 200 Rural LCD EVO Incubator

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MG140 / 200 Rural LCD EVO Incubator

  • Cabin in stratified materials with laminate finish, the incubator is also available in insulated pre-painted steel version and is particularly suitable for the incubation of particular species such as game and palmipeds.
  • The MG 140/200 Rurale incubator is equipped with automatic egg voltage as standard (or manual on request) through special baskets with special metal cradles suitable for all types of eggs.
  • The special ductility of the latter, purely suitable for family use, also allows you to adapt different types of eggs of the most disparate sizes.
  • The temperature is read by a precision thermometer in degrees ° F and a wet bulb hygrometer allows a precise reading of the humidity level inside the incubators.
  • The removable case for both gives solidity and allows easy and adequate cleaning.
  • A porthole on the door allows a perfect view of the inside of the incubator and the internal lighting allows you to control the hatching of the eggs without opening the door.


The electronic control unit with large backlit LCD liquid crystal display allows you to manage, with extreme ease of use, the whole series of advanced parameters that we list below:

  • The temperature, with a range from 5 ° C to 45 ° C and a resolution of 0.1 ° C, is managed by the electronic control unit in PID mode with integral and derivative proportional action or with an ON / OFF system. In this way an absolute decimal precision of the temperature is obtained;
  • Instant conversion ° C / ° F;
  • Maximum safety temperature alarm;
  • The LCD control unit, capable of reading the humidity expressed in RH% (range 20-99%), is equipped with an output for possible connection to an external ultrasonic humidifier. Upon request, this latter solution constitutes a very modern automatic humidification system with digital adjustment;
  • The intensity of the ventilation is fully digitally adjustable according to the different incubation phases;
  • Language preselection mode: Italian / English.


  • The LCD control unit is equipped with the new "incubation calendar" program for managing from 1 to 4 incubation cycles, this will allow you to load single batches of eggs, for example with weekly loading, displaying the incubation time elapsed. , you will therefore have a precise trace of the entire period so that you can define the exact days of the hatching cycle without having to calculate them in mind and risk making mistakes !!!


  • The sensors that detect humidity and temperature inside the machine are totally separated and disjointed in order to achieve maximum accuracy and reliability of the reading.


  • Hen - Duck - Mallard = 140
  • Pheasant = 160
  • Red partridge = 540
  • Gray Partridge - Quail = 600
  • Turkey = 120
  • Goose = 36


  • Hen - Duck - Mallard = 45
  • Pheasant = 50
  • Red partridge = 180
  • Gray Partridge - Quail = 125
  • Turkey = 45
  • Goose = 12

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